Published on March 18th, 2017 | by Carlos Esquivel

Chewmax Client Project Overview

Our client, Chewmax, a dog food/treat company located in Paw Paw, came to us looking for help with their product branding and package design for new products that they were looking to add to their line-up of pet food. It was perfect timing, as I was beginning the process of looking for the right project for The Foundry to use as a learning experience for our class. I have criteria that this type of client/project must meet, as I don’t want to take any projects on unless they can help achieve the program vision and mission.  Here is a link Foundry Project Criteria that describes the parameters I am looking for when it comes to clients. The idea being that they have to meet a standard to qualify to work with us.

This video describes the project and where we are in the process. Since the creation of this video, associates have met with client to check-in and share the progress to get client feedback.  We also took a field trip to Do-It Corporation to explore the options on how to hang the bagged merchandise on store shelves. After our tour we visited Meijers for lunch and the students had a Do-It hang tab scavenger hunt! The winner would be the team with the most hang tab selfies that Do-It created.



This field trip was a huge success and resulted in the students participating in a on-site design challenge where they came up with the best way to hang the Chewmax bags they were prototyping. Bob, the owner of Chewmax was there as well, which took this adventure in package design to another level as we worked with Do-It Corp to solve our clients problem. Bob decided to use a Do-It hanging tab solution that one of the groups pitched during the field trip; talk about a field trip with purpose! Prior to this visit, Bob wasn’t considering using hang tabs and needed a solution and it worked out great. So we are on to the next phase of prototypes and will be wrapping up this project with finished designs that Bob will decide on.  This is PBL. This is vocational training. This is how to change lives with printing and design. This is the Foundry.

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