Education Consultation

The Foundry offers education consultation and training for local companies that operate in the design, print and production industry.  Consultants can facilitate training to equip new employees with design/production foundations to reduce training time, improve employee satisfaction and reduce costly error rates. The consultation and training can contain a variety or à la carte options to best meet your company goals.

  • Management Training- How does your staff teach your culture, process and expectations? It’s one thing to know information, but it is another skill to instill this knowledge to another. Telling is not teaching.
  • Employee Training- Do all employees understand basic production process and methods specific to your industry? The Foundry curriculum includes traditional printing, large format, literacy development, application math, design process, production process, design software training and many other important components of the design/production environment.

No matter the prior experience, a new employee must learn the specifics of the what the new employer requires on the job. How long does it take to get your new employee on pace with your production environment? How much does it cost the employer to take production time in order to teach new hires? Offering training not only helps the company, but provides a boost in employee morale as they take pride in newfound skills and training.  They feel valued and trusted to be a part of making the company succeed. This kind of investment in your staff would also be tax deductible as an education expense, making the decision even easier. Contact us to schedule a introductory session about consultation and training with the form below.

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