Published on July 1st, 2018 | by Carlos Esquivel

Life After The Foundry

I had the great privilege to help Alyssa find a great job after graduating from Van Buren Technology Center Print Media Program. It started with a drop in visit to a company called Do It. Do It is a international production facility located in South Haven Michigan that produces a variety of retail package hanging and presentation solutions for countless of products on the shelves today. It’s not unusual for me to stop by a local company to introduce myself and my program to see if there are any opportunities to build more connections to industry. This visit was a perfect fit. On my first visit, I was given a tour of the facility and all their capabilities. I was very impressed with their operation and equipment.  We agreed to set up a field trip experience that paralleled our Chewmax project and it was a great success.

I always encourage students who are serious about their future after The Foundry, to make sure that they make an impression on the hosts, who are usually managers or owners of the company. I gave Alyssa this same advice. This connection with Do It turned out to be the perfect fit for the Print Media program, as they recognized that the tech center was a potential training facility to create the pipeline for future employees.  Do It communicated with the work based learning department at VBTC about a specific job opening that would be opening soon in their large format printing division.  They wanted to pull from our candidates of students to fill the position and I knew the perfect person for the job. I encouraged Alyssa to pursue this and she did.  I was very excited to learn about her new position and the bright future ahead. This is the ultimate achievement for me, when a student finds a great job that fits her plans and will provide a lifetime of opportunity. I visited with Alyssa to see how it was going and I heard very good things from her employer.  That is what The Foundry does; change lives by producing opportunities for growth in the classroom and beyond.

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