Published on February 21st, 2017 | by Carlos Esquivel

Project Update- Logo Design and Package Label Design

We have been slowly and surely inching towards the end of the year as we tackle all the twelve segments of this program and manage a complex PBL project with many deliverables expected. Earlier this year, I was contacted by Chewmax, a dog treat company in Paw Paw, MI about a design and printing need they had. I am very selective over who we work with as this relationship can easily become a foundation for the application of our learning in class. There are specific parameters that these clients must meet to be considered a partner/client in this effort to teach our content. Here are a few lines from the project overview document that every client must adhere to, in order to be considered.

Associates will design and produce a limited sample quantity (unique to project @ instructor’s discretion) of your product that gives the students the sufficient experience of production without the time demands of a full production run.

The customer will receive all source and design files for reproduction at no charge. This excludes any class equipment or supplies (screens, plates, software, tools)

Customer will agree to receive and be available for interaction from associates via email, phone and in-person visits.

Customer will agree to the expanded time frame of a student project as estimated by instructor. Actual student work week averages 5 hours at best.

Customer will agree to be present at on-site or in-school final presentation where associates will present their final products and deliverables.

After consulting with Chewmax, we both felt that we could work together to help the students with a genuine experience and help the client with quality printing and design.  We began with an initial client meeting and have proceeded through the rest of the creative process that we use as a print solutions provider. To see more about the origins of this process, please see the about page.  The beauty of running the program this way is the opportunity to connect the standards to a very practical application. The real world client project brings a reality to the lessons taught. There is no substitute for a real audience like a client with a real need.

It is a risky endeavor to trust high school students with a companies branding, design and package design, but this is what it takes. I don’t know the solutions, I don’t have the answers in a book somewhere, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that we will achieve the most important results; the development of character and building of confidence in student decision making.  The other results will also be a good product for the customer and some useful training in this field.

The project is going well and we are on track. I am excited about what we are going to discover together as we connect the dots.


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