Published on November 6th, 2016 | by Carlos Esquivel

The New Crew

The Foundry has a new home in Van Buren County at the Technology Center in Lawrence Michigan, which is 30 minutes west of Kalamazoo.  We are 8 weeks in and have covered so much material and now getting ready to launch into our first client project. These pictures feature our various logos for the program which were screen printed in our lab. Currently we are working on the research component of the creative process which includes a business information, swot analysis and a creative brief. The Integrated academics that is a core of this tech center is a huge asset to running this PBL program. My co-english teacher, Mr. Roberts has elevated our written, speaking, presenting content to the next level. We also have a math and science academic component to this program as well. Another project we are working through before we launch into our first client project is the 8-page booklet. The associates are moving through each stage of creating their own booklet based on a popular theme, within the framework of a team. Keep checking in to see what we are up to as we dive in for the rest of this year!



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