Published on August 13th, 2017 | by Carlos Esquivel

Vinyl Wrapping 101

One of the most exciting industries in the printing world is large format and signage. Because of my background in this field, I have found it very important to introduce this discipline to the curriculum as it’s a very good way for students to get hands on experience with the digital graphics they create on the computer. Signage and sign making has been around for a long time. With the introduction of computers, vector based programs and the vinyl, the sign world has never looked back. I found that wrapping and vinyl graphics is one of the favorite activities in the program. I have had many students go on to start their own vinyl decal businesses after leaving the Foundry program.  This video is part of the unit on how to wrap with vinyl. I have experimented with wrapping vehicles at school and even parts of cars, like hoods, but the best experience came from having two dirt bikes right in our classroom. I believe that this was ideal as we could work on them as needed instead of walking down to the auto bays in our building.  I still think there is no other more satisfying art application activity like wrapping. It’s magic!

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